Television Floor Manager

Television floor managers make sure that sets, props and technical equipment are safe, ready to use and in the right position prior to filming. They have a liaising and coordinating role, acting as the link between the director and the many people involved in a production on the studio floor.


Work Responsibilities

Duties carried out by a television floor manager include:

  • Checking that equipment, e.g. microphones and earpieces, are working before the show
  • Seating the audience (if in attendance)
  • Referring to floor plans
  • Assisting guests on the show
  • Relaying instructions from the control room to the studio floor using a talkback system
  • Keeping the director and producer informed of action off-camera
  • Adhering to health and safety regulations, e.g. keeping 'safe areas' and fire exits clear of equipment.


Entry Requirements 

You can enter this area of work with any degree or HND, but the following subjects may be particularly helpful:

  • Media studies
  • Drama/theatre studies
  • Photography/film/television  

Skills and Interests 

You will need to show:

  • The ability to foresee, solve and avoid problems under pressure
  • A friendly disposition and an air of calm authority
  • Excellent communication skills to receive, interpret and convey information accurately and concisely
  • Interpersonal skills, in order to quickly judge how to get the best out of different people
  • Good organisational skills and the ability to multitask.  



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