Have great fun in a work environment that crosses cultural boundaries, breaks language barriers and encourages social activity in and out of the classroom. Today, barriers of language, culture and geography divide people around the world. By teaching English with AEECIC will not only break down those barriers for you and for your students. You will be able to assist people of all nationalities and ages to get better jobs, participate in the global economy and become citizens of the world.


Invaluable work experience in China

Fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons

Live, work and travel in this unique country

Well paid teaching jobs

Completed Bachelor Degree or Equivelant | Must hold a passport from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand


Teach English in China, and see what this incredible country built on tradition and culture really has to offer.


Not to mention, the country itself also has much to offer in terms of culture, language, travel opportunities, and food!

Internship Include:

  • Regular social activities
  • Orientation and full 24/7 support throughout

  • Airport Pick up and Send Off
  • Visa Application Assistance
  • Mandarin Classes
  • Medical Advice
  • Famous Sites
  • Lunches
  • Certificate
  • Accomodation
  • Doesn't Include

What is not included: 

  • International Flights
  • Visa Fee (£250)
  • Medical Insurance


  • Be between the ages of 20 – 55 
  • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification
  • Reference Letter - must be from a previous employer, must be ESL Instruction related, must be 12 months of more
  • Must hold a passport from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand
  • Must be able to commit for at least a year 
  • “Z” Visa application (Work Permit)
  • Salary from 8000 RMB (£890) to 12000 RMB (£1330) a month
  • Housing Benefit 1500 RMB (£165) a month
  • Flight Bonus 6000 RMB (£665) per year after the first year
  • Reward Bonus up to 6000 RMB (£665) per year
  • Work schedule: between 21 to 35 hours a week; 5 days work, 2 days off
  • Teachers only work in one branch

12 Months Programme

Payment Income
Enrolment Fee: £200 (Payment to commence application process) Total estimated income: £10,680, minimum per annum
Programme Fee: £595 (Payment as soon as you accept a job offer)  
Visa Fee: £250  
International Flight: £650 Approximately  
Total Investment: £1695  
Total estimated return of investment: £8985  

Pattison Education Group



Pattison International Education Group prides itself on the quality of its education programs. With 12 distinct educational institutions, we provide children of all ages with a well-rounded education. We understand that each child is equipped with their own individual personalities and potential and together we have more than 700 staff committed to helping 10000 students discover it. 


We have a team of more than 40 foreign teachers from all around the world. More than 75% of them have chosen to stay with our group for more than a year and more than 50% have worked with our company for 2 years or more. Our unique blend of cultures creates a great working environment. 


Pattison Education Group is inclusive and provides a strong network of support and community. Our foreign teacher department is foreign managed and has a good reputation. We hold regular workshops and training sessions because as a team of teachers, we understand that learning is a continuing process throughout our life. 


More on Pattison Education Group:


Ongoing support – both inside and outside of the school




We have professional training department dedicated to helping teachers achieve their best. This is offered both in regular group training seminars and on an individual basis. All members are actively encouraged to take part in this, both as a student and as a workshop leader. 


Practical Troubleshooting in a Foreign Country


We have a skilled and friendly HR team established solely for our foreign teachers. They help foreign teachers with everything from airport pickup, finding an apartment, negotiating lease terms, orientation of the city, connecting to the internet, getting a local SIM card (all the necessities that we take for granted back home) to helping with communication, finalizing contracts, obtaining our work permits and visas.

Available Internships

Pattison English

Ideas Children’s School

International Kindergartens

Number 3 International High School


About Harbin


Harbin, also known as the Ice City, is the birthplace of Mandarin which draws a lot of people to this city to study Chinese. It gets its secondary name, ‘The Ice City’, from the world class Ice and Snow festival it hosts each year and all throughout winter, ice carved lamps are scattered throughout the city. The Harbin greater area boasts some of the best ski fields in China, which can be reached in as little as 40 minutes. A day on the slopes, including transport, gear hire and a ski pass can cost as little as RMB100-150.  


A quick search of Harbin will show you pictures of its streets lined in unique Baroque architecture. It has an interesting history and became a boom in the late 19th century, when Russian and Jewish refugees fled to this ‘Paris of the East’ to take refuge. 


In the summer, everything comes back to life. Beer tents replace the ice-lanterns and offer a refreshing place to cool off from the heat. The city’s gardens turn back to green and the frozen solid river slowly starts shifting icebergs before it’s finally returned to its original water currents. 


Why choose a less international city?


Rich Cultural Experiences


Harbin provides you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture and provides plenty of opportunity for you to fine tune your Chinese skills. 


Meaningful Relationships


The foreign community is less transient that other major regions and the city itself is not as big. This makes it easy to meet people from all around the world, because many of us congregate in the same areas. 


Forming meaningful relationships is the first step to feeling at home in your new environment and as Harbin is known for its hospitality and warmth towards people this is easier to fit into the community. 


Get more for your dollar


Most people generally save more than half of their salary each month and that's including rent, entertainment, food and transport, this is because the cost of living is so much lower than Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other major cities in China.

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