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My Top Tips for Studying Abroad

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There are so many resources offering advice and tips on studying abroad. To make your life easier I have gathered my favourite and most useful tips, to help you.


1. Make sure you have a signed, valid passport and the correct visa's if they are required. Also, before you go, fill in the emergency information page of your passport! Read my 'Staying Safe' article for more on information and advice on this.

2. Spend as much time as you can exploring what will be your new home for the next few months or year. Don't let sleepiness stop you. 

3. Set a budget. Preferably weekly. Spending money in a foreign place can easily get out of hand with the chance in currency. Would you buy it at home if it was in sterling silver? Probably not. Be smart about your spending, and set a realistic, affordable budget for yourself. 

4. Figure out what you will need to buy in your new country  before arriving. This will help with the budget. Check what will  be included in your accomodation. 

5. Consider what you need to pack. You want to make sure  what you're lugging around is useful! 

6. Make a valid attempt to learn the language. 

7. Try new things! Really indulge in your experience by trying  different things such as the local cuisine. In China you will find  that the food is completely different to your local chinese  takeaway at home. 

8. Ask around about resources you might be missing out on  such as tour groups and weekend trips. Book through AEECIC  for this to be all sorted for you. 

9. Now I don't mean to sound like a nagging parent, but actually go to class. You will learn a lifetimes information.

10. Make new friends from all over the world! You'll be amazed about what you can learn from other people.

11. But you're also allowed to hang out with people from your home country. It can make you feel less homesick. 

 12. Lastly, document EVERYTHING. Firstly, how jealous will your Instagram followers be? Secondly, they will help make the memories last a lifetime so you never forget your home away from home. Take photos? Send them to us! 

I hope these top tips will help you when you are planning and enjoying your time abroad. Have a fab time! 

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Amelia Bird

Hi, I'm Amelia. I have first hand experience when it comes to studying as I have just graduated from university. I studied Music Business in Brighton at a music school. I love to travel and am continually ticking off places on my bucket list, therefore I hope my travelling advice helps you with your adventures. I currently work at AEECIC, so you may hear from me and I look forward to working with you. 

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/amelia-bird/

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