Deciding what to study abroad in China requires lots of research and is a life changing decision. You may have to consider carefully how to select an appropriate course, find the right university and choose a suitable city with accomodation. Studying in China with AEECIC gives you access to top-ranked Chinese universities whilst experiencing a fully supported modern living and learning environment. 
Undergraduate Courses
Postgraduate Courses


The universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, taught in English, across a range of different subject areas and disciplines. Degrees are validated and awared by the university as BA, BSc, MBBS, MBA, MA or Msc honours. 

AEECIC will guide you to find your ideal course and help you understand the Chinese education system and basic entry requirements. As soon as you have carefully selected your preferred programme from our course section, we will assist you to make your application for your chosen university/universities, complete your visa application, travel arrangements and accommodation arrangements. If you would like an intensive one-to-one tuition after class, we will be able to find you an experienced tutor to accelerate your Chinese language learning. 
The tuition fees per year in China are much cheaper than the UK. It is a great opportunity to take advantange of as well as the lower living costs. 
Please click on the packages link to view more information on each assistance package to find the one that suits you best. Our packages are designed to make your studying experience in China stress-free and fun. These options are fully customizable to tailor to your every need and our professional team will help you plan your trip with our pre- departure services, and we will help you choose the best programme suitable for you, and assist you to prepare and submit all the required documents.

By using our application service, you are able to make multiple applications at any one time. As soon as the Chinese universities have received your applications, our team will be in close contact with you and regularly update you of its progress. We will inform you immediately of your admission decision online, and we will deliver your admission package via courier.

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